Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ya Win Some & Ya Lose Some or Sometimes Tie...

Well last night we went to Bryce's football game against Cleveland HS. The evening was pretty exciting as it was Youth Night for two of the local middle school bands and drill team, as well as Noah's youth football team. The middle school bands played with the high school band, the drill teams joined the high school drill team. The youth football team ~Noah's team~ the Chatsworth Chiefs hung out with the Varsity team. Each player(s) were paired with a varsity player and they got to carry their helmets, throw the ball around w/ them, watch the j.v. game and cheer on their partner...well, this night was especially exciting for Noah because he was paired up with his big bro, Bryce. He had been looking forward to that since last year. They spent most of the evening together until the game started, then Noah had to go with his club and sit with them to watch the game! The Chancellors were suppose to win but ended up losing to the Cavaliers (boo). The score was 14-7 :?(

This morning, Brent & Zack headed to the beach for some Dad & Zack water time They made it just in time for Noah's noon game against the San Fernando Braves. It was a very good game. The score was 0-0. Today was also the Chiefs' Homecoming day and Noah was one of the Princes!


It was a very hot day felt like it was 100 degrees. I'm sure it was in the upper 90's (whew). Hope you all are having a good weekend!

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