Friday, August 8, 2008


Hiya Everyone! We're still here, just winding down from a somewhat busy summer. Zack & Noah have been in Hawaii with their Ama for 3 weeks now...We sure miss them. (They'll be home in a week!) We can't wait til they get home. Even though we talk to them almost every day, it still doesn't replace the fact that we can't hug and kiss em. They're having fun hanging out with cousins, Makana & Steven up at their house in Kula. They've been going to the movies, catching lizards, watching movies, going to the beach and enjoying good family time with our Maui cousins. We have the best family~I wish I was there! I know the boys are going to miss their cousins & Maui when then get back to Cali...Thank you cousins for keeping the boys entertained! Brent and Bryce have been surfing the weekends away and I have been preparing for a Sassy Sister Event on the 16th and 17th, in Port Hueneme. School starts back up in about three weeks. Then, we'll be hitting the ground running. We are looking forward to enjoying Bryce & Noah's football games again (we just love football), and Zack's first year in high school. I haven't been taking too many pictures, I'll have to get back into snapping some shots. This weekend we'll be celebrating the Prestige Family's 50th Wedding Anniversary and 70th Birthday and also getting together for brunch with some of our elementary/jr. high/high school girlfriends and their families~~fun! Keep checking in for new pics! I better get going, gotta get ready for work! Have a good weekend y'all!

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