Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trying to Catch up!

Spring is in the air and all of a sudden it seems like life has just sped up more than ever. Winter was pretty low key for us. But lately, we have been pretty busy with work, school and school events for the boys. This past weekend was pretty fun and SUPER HOT (90 degrees +). We were all out and about Saturday. Mom, Michelle and I went to Nordstorm for the Spring trend show. It started at 8 a.m. (good thing we're early birds). We had a blast seeing all the new make up trends for this spring/summer. Then we went to our favorite make-up counters (Mom=Philosophy, Michelle & I=Bobbi Brown). We got lots of freebies and some really good tips! Then we headed over to Zack's school for their Spring Fling, ate lunch and headed home. Brent & Noah went to ride their motorcycles and headed off to the Dodger game with Unko Mitch. Sunday, Bryce was up bright and early getting ready to go paintballing with his buddies. The rest of us headed off to the beach to escape the HEAT! However, it wasn't much cooler there either. It was still a nice day. Zack enjoyed 2 hours in the water, boogie boarding. Noah on the other hand, said the water was WAAAYYY too cold! We had fun watching the Malibu Makos learn to surf. Our weather has been hot, really, really hot and our air conditioner seems be acting up. I guess I'll have to call our favorite AC guy...Chris!

This week we're looking forward to another busy week...Noah has a birthday party after school - laser tag -- oo, fun! Dodger game on Wednesday, open house for Bryce and Noah on Thursday, Lawry's Prime Rib on Friday to celebrate April birthdays. 40th Birthday bash for Unko Mitch on Saturday and Bryce's 17th Birthday on Sunday! WOW...i'm outta breath.

I'll post some new pictures soon.

A hui hou,

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