Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Last Thought for the Day

Wow, it's been a very long day and I'm tired...One last thought for the day though. You would think that since I work on a computer all day long that I wouldn't want to go near it when I'm at home. Well, sometimes I have no choice. Tonight after dinner, Bryce asked me if I could type up a short report he has to turn in for Biology...I did. It didn't take me long at all. Then, he told me about an extra credit project for English that was being offered, so I helped him with that too. I don't mind, it's extra credit for him and it also helps the school. If you're interested, please visit the Hamburger Helper Grant Website: Chatsworth Baseball is trying to raise $15,000 to finish up their baseball stadium. Just leave a comment, that's it. Needless to say, I visited that website and left a comment. I also volunteered to chair Noah's class fundraiser, we're putting togehter a nice "cooking" basket for their spring gala, so I sent an e-mail to all of his classmates asking for donations. Now, I think I'm done. Dishes are gonna have to wait...I'm pooped! Night, night everyone!

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